Phases of construction ROYAL RESIDENCY

Currently, the project is 40% complete, which is in line with the planned deadlines and dynamics of the works. The settlement consists of 24 buildings, divided into 4 blocks. There are 96 apartments on offer, from 45 m² to 175 m².

Percentage of construction

Block B

In Block B, installation work is underway, including plumbing, sewerage, heating, cooling and electrical installations. They are very important for the functionality and comfort of the apartments, as well as for the building's energy efficiency.

Block c

In block C, excavation and foundation preparation for the future building are currently underway. This phase is important for the correct placement of the object on the plot and for preventing possible problems with underground water or landslides.

Block d

In block D, the construction of the building is in the phase of installing reinforced concrete columns, beams and slabs. This phase is crucial for the stability and safety of the building, as well as for the aesthetic appearance of the facade.